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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  February 7, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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runners collapsed at a half marathon. not enough was done to save him. some say it took the ambulance more than 20 minutes to get there. jody hernandez is live in contra costa county tonight. lots of questions about why it took so long. >> reporter: the runner lived and worked here in contra costa county, the president of a pet toy company. as you said, his family is just too upset to talk tonight. fellow runners are speaking out. >> reporter: dan hudson should be celebrating successfully finishing his first half marathon. instead, he is haunted by the image of a fellow runners death. peter has, the president of a bay area toy company collapsed and died at the kaiser p permanente half marathon yesterday morning. >> he was on the ground for at
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least 25 minutes before there was an ambulance on the scene. >> fellow runners administered aid. it took far too long for officials to respond. >> there is inherent danger in running a half marathon or full marathon, especially on a warm day. so there needs to be preparation for that. >> the ambulance was there and dealing with another emergency. our emt first responders were at the finish line and administered care and we call in 911. >> race organizer says they did respond quickly even though their finish lynam balance was tied up with another emergency. >> the first responders at the finish line are our emts. they were there within five minutes with a defibrillator. >> the race sponsor, kaiser permanente issued this response,
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as a co-sponsor only, we were not involved in the event poerp rags or staffing the medical response. we are working with the raise organizers and others to understand the facts. >> how can you have a half marathon sponsored by kaiser without medical response. it is ironic. even if they are not responsible for organizing the race, they have an interest in making sure there is good medical care available. they are an hmo. that's what they codo. >> reporter: the san francisco fire department confirms it took their paramedics 22 minutes to get to the scene. because frantic 911 callers were calling in with different locations and the first location they responded to was clear across on the other side of golden gate park. the race organizer does say they are conducting a thorough review and will issue a report at another time. i'm jody hernandez, nbc bay area
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news. a lot of questions in the south bay. a local family is desperately searching for answers after their relative was dragged down the street and left for dead. tonight shall the family is offering a $2000 reward to help track down a hit-and-run driver. 18-year-old erika luna was hit around 2:30 sunday morning in san jose. here is the map, near 101 and tully road near fontaine road behind the chuck e. cheese restaurant. she was dragged 25 feet before the driver sped off. she remains in critical condition. san jose police say the car is a small mini-van or suv, silver or light green. sp. an explosion in walnut creek did heavy damage. they were first reported at 7:00 this morning as a transformer fire with potentially toxic material. firefighters were relieved to learn that instead the problem involved switch gear used to
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transfer power from pg&e to east bay. the transformer of the pumping station appears to be intact. they say east bay mud was trying to restore power when the explosion took place. his mother calls him a remo and many people across the world. today, jubilation at mountain-based google with word one of their top executives is freed. he was taken into custody while participating in a protest. he has been active in protesting conditions in his country, online and through social networking sites. he was released unharmed and immediately headed back to join the protest in tahir square. we will have more to his reaction of release coming up at 6:30. from marin county to danville, an uneasy week for a group of parents. what caused their kids to get sick at science camp. 60 kids got flulike symptoms after they visited a camp near
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petaluma last week. most were from danville. the leading theory is a noral virus. experts with the marin county health department came up with the theory saying the noral virus is easy to get and it spreads quickly. tests on food and water turned out fine. they think one of the students may have unknowingly spread the virus. >> they are looking at deflating a very good birthday tradition a lot of people love. members of a tradition will talk about banning the park. the reason they say they are in jeopardy, they were on the grass an the $40 fee for the permit doesn't cover the cost of processing the paperwork or making sure the vendor who owns the jumpy is actually insured. let's work together. that was the message from president obama to business
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leaders today as he visited the chamber of commerce. the president and corporate worlds have been at odds in the past. this is part of a new softening in the administration. for president obama, the short walk from the white house to the chamber of commerce may have felt more like a trip behind enemy lines. >> maybe if we would have brought over a fruitcake when i first moved in, we would have gotten off to a better start. >> reporter: today he offered an olive branch reaching out to improve relations with the corporate world. >>. >> reporter: to a mostly silent crowd of business leaders, he also defended government regulations and his controversial health law while asking couldn't tris what they can do for their country, a push to hire more american workers. >> i just want to encourage you to get in the game.
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>> reporter: meantime, across town, the launch of a new way to find some 600,000 jobs now open in the u.s. it is a new internet sufficient yielding sites like or more specific domains like atlanta or more engi engine earring jobs. >> they can be confident they are not getting old jobs or expired jobs. >> how to create jobs, still causing splits. the president hoping to start by getting down to businesses. kristen dahlgren, nbc bay area news. from the national scale to the scale here in this state, always optimistic despite tough financial times. californians have hope that conditions will improve in the golden state. the nonprofit group, california forward, surveyed about 1,000 people who mirror the makeup of the state. their poll found that 80% of people believe the state's
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problems are serious and effect their daily lives. it is possible for the states to do well be well run. the top three problems with the government are too much bureaucracy, leaders not listening to regular people and elected officials not being held accountable. the top three solutions they say are getting rid of programs that don't produce results, requiring government to measure the effectiveness of the programs and give regular reports on how the programs are working. >> still ahead, getting ready to give drivers the boot. plus, it could bring billions to the bay area. we will show you a rough idea of what a world expo in silicon valley would look like. >> it could affect thousands of students at south bay junior college. >> hot for this time of the year, 24 records across the bay yar, a few today. santa rosa with 77, napa, 70.
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san jose, 70. cooler tomorrow. we will tell you about whenn returns and how much you could expect coming up. re
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welcome back to debate renews at san quinton prison this week. the renovated death chamber ready. san quentin is once again in the spotlight. protesters are in marin county getting ready for tomorrow's visit, a visit from a federal judge who halted executions at the prison five years ago. nbc's traci grant joins us from san quinton. tracy, the question, pretty simple here, or is it simple, will the executions resume based on this judge's decision and his tour of the chamber tomorrow? >> reporter: well, we don't know, raj. it all depends on what happens at the evidentiary hearing
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tomorrow. we are standing at the west gate at san quinton. you can see some have the protesters are still here. it is a group called marin. as the name implies, the group is holding a similar event near a prison in maine tonight. san quinton, they are calling on the government to abolish the death chamber. protesters mark from the larks purr landing ferry building to the west gate of san quinton thp they are trying to get the attention of jerry brown. they are demanding that he shut down the death chamber and get rid of the death penalty. they say it's not so much about philosophy as about finances. >> anybody that supports the death penalty, i understand. i'm sympathetic. i'm empathetic. that's not the issue.
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the issue is whether we can afford it and the answer is simply, no, we can't. >> san quinton's death row houses more than 700 people and protesters fear that executions will begin once again after a five-year suspension during which a lethal chamber was rebuilt and its procedures were revamped. >> there is no question that our system does not work and we need to spend a lot of money that we don't have to make it work and pass constitutional muster. simply put, it's a luxury we can not afford. is. >> reporter: the man responsible for putting a hold on all executions at san quinton is returning tomorrow to take another look at the facility whose execution methods he once deemed broken. u.s. district court judge, jeremy fogle will hold an evidentiary hearing about the changes made in the death chamber p. >> there is an opportunity for those individuals who are
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against the death penalty to make their stands. another protest will be happening here at san quinton tomorrow morning while the judge is inside the prison. >> that group is questioning why governor brown is willing to cut money from services for people with disabilities but is prepared to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on launching the state's new death chamber. san quinton spokesperson told us that the prison has security protocols in place in case that group is sizeable. live in san quinton, traci grant, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, tracy. bay area leaders want the 2020 world fair to be held in silicon valley. after doing the numbers, organizers say the fair will bring in more than 6,500,000,000
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jobs. >> there is an opportunity put silicon valley in the light of focus for the entire world when it comes to innovation and sustainability, when it comes to space. it is very, very exciting. >> the world's fair is similar to the olympics in terms of infrastructure it would bring to whi whichever city hosts this. the decision is made by a paris-based group called bie. there will be a meeting in september to discuss proposals. two well-known south bay community colleges could use their accreditation. they identified several problems at san jose city college and every green valley college, some 20,000 students attend classes at both schools. the commission said the changes that need to be made are in the areas of planning, evaluation and governance. school leaders say they are working to address these issues and students will not be
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impacted. >> they shouldn't worry about it. we are going to be here and come back with a better ranking. >> the school that two years to make these changes before possibly losing their accreditation. an east bay city may become the 14th in the country to use parking booths on people's cars. they will consider using wheel blockers to collect unpaid parking fines. parking laws that have more than five unsaved tickets could find parking booths on their cars. they recently did a pile-up program to test the booths and found it works. they also found it to be less expensive and less inconvenient for people breaking the law. >> they hope it is a resolution, share a car and forget about visiting the gas pump. they might be on the verge of providing san francisco motorists with a fleet of new electric vehicles. the metropolitan commission allocated $1.7 million to san francisco to fund more than 30
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electric cars and charging stations. now, the san francisco county transportation authority is recommending the nonprofit city car share to take over this pilot project. a committee vote is set for tomorrow. if approved, a full board will vote february 15th. city car share allows you to rent electric cars on a daily basis. >> i will take that convertible one. it was a beautiful day to be outside. >> i will hop in the passenger seat. >> it was pretty sweet out there today. this past weekend, record-setting heat. temperatures in the 80s, 20 to 30 degrees above where we should be for this time of the year. sunday, 83, santa rosa. san jose, 77. that was our warmest day saturday and sunday. temperatures went down. they still stayed in the '70s. oakland at 72. napa at 70. this gets us into the talk of extreme. >> when was the warmest day in
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february when it comes to this heat across the bay area way back on february 26th, 1986, where they had 81 degrees? >> this weekend, we got very, very close to that with upper 70s in san francisco. just not there. however, it has been 25 years since this time of the year since we have had record temperatures this warm. >> meanwhile, back here at the bay area today, temperatures were down but still mild and above average. 73, livermore, 75, fremont, 73, redwood city and in san francisco, you certainly felt something in the air from those temperatures rs the mid to upper 70s down to 66 today and napa, 72. even dropping off more here in the south bay. 58 in oakland and 65 currently in napa. look at this view out of our sky camper network. glorious out here with temperatures currently in the 60s. clear and cold tonight here across the bay area. when we are going to see develop
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is that regional high pressure that brought us the heat. that's pushed to the north. it is weakening. here is the thing, it is wrapping around cooler air that will bring in wind. temperatures are going to go down. we will start with mid to upper 40s for the south bay. as we head throughout 11:00 a.m., temperatures will be warming up in the 50s. we do have travel delays on the eastern seaboard. bringing a mix of rain, snow and a little bit of wind as well. we will talk about our own chances of rain that could be finally coming back to the bay area in our seven-day forecast. just ahead, the most star-studded luncheon of the year. >> what the star-studded stars are saying about their big night. >> was it the game or the commercials that got your attention. hopefully, it was a little bit of both.f the answers might
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so of e answers might
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never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me and asking me how they could help. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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one of those rare occasions where the hollywood elite feel safe letting their hair down. the annual oscar luncheon is a casual affair where everyone shows off their sense of humor instead of their formal wear. robert kovalchuk takes us there. >> reporter: let's do lunch. today, you can count on it. >> i love free lunches, man. come on, i came up as a starving, struggling actor. i'm very grateful for a gift lunch. >> reporter: 19 of 20 actors up for oscars came to the beverly hills hilton today. >> i am excited to experience this. it is an incredible honor and i am so blessed. last year my friend laura and i
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eat lynn quee any and take out and watch it and this is the first year i'm going to miss it. >> reporter: first-timers riding the award season. >> you have to put on a suit every weekend to go meet with a lot of jews. >> reporter: jeremy renner is back for the second year and colin firth and winner last year, jeff bridges. >> remember, have fun and don't take it too sear yuzly. >> reporter: james franco nominated and co-hosting the oscars with ann hathaway. >> an obvious ploy to bring in younger viewers. >> reporter: it is not just about what you will see on stage but what will the stars be wearing. >> i could be wearing a tutu. >> i have no idea. it will probably be a catastrophe. >> she always dresses very eclectically and nichole kidman will look good in a tutu.
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egypt let's a google executive caught up in the chaos go free. >> we talked to his family members saying the first stop for him was exactly where he was detained. a historic mission for the united states. will congresswoman gabrielle giffords be there to see her husband take the last shuttle into space? the race is on. a california company gets ready to launch the first private mission to the moon.
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we've been following the story for o more than a week. earlier in this newscast we did not know the marin county health officials did not know yet the cause of the sick kids near petaluma from danville. we just got word from the marin county of education that noral virus was the cause of the flulike symptoms of some 60 kids last week while at science camp.
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a foodborne virus was at the camp, a student was carrying it and didn't know she was carrying it. the camp was near petaluma. they completely cleaned out the facility and planned to reopen that facility soon. most of the sick kids were from topahara school in danville. others seem to have recovered but have passed it on to their family members. we have word it was the noral virus. he started a facebook page to help organize revolution. tonight, he is a free man. we are talking about the google executive in cairo detained for two weeks. why al gonen was released to his employer and family. while he was detained, the protest became violent and calm again. protesters continue to occupy tahir square.
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kris sanchez live in santa clara with reaction from the google executive's family. >> reporter: for ten days, guy gonen's family and employer did not know where he was and what was happening with him. the first stop he made was back to tahir square where he was captured ten years ago. >> like it or not, he is one of the recognizable faces in the crowd of egyptians calling for freedom. >> they felt huge relief. >> the first thing he did after he was released was go to tahir street again. he is in it to get his message across. >> him going in there showing he is fearful of what he got arrested for or that he is afraid shows that he is a really good role model for what he
6:29 pm
believes in. >> she heard the news from her mother who heard it from her sister who heard it from gonen's mother. the guardian, british newspaper, said, when he was released, he said, i'm not a hero. i only use the keyboard. the real heroes are on the ground. he may not create hero status for creating the facebook page that many say sparked the protest but he is a role model for so many egyptians that are raph ven nus. >> over and over again, gonen said that he used a keyboard and he is not responsible for the change that happened on the ground. he credits the people that are protesting in tahir square and throughout egypt. we do know the twitter account that he used and the facebook account he is reportedly behind have also inspired protests in the bay areas awell. his cousin went to two in san
6:30 pm
francisco. in santa clara, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> an attempt to cool off protesters, egyptian president, hosni mubarak gave government workers a 15% raise. it didn't discourage protesters from taking to the street for the 14th day in a row. there was a little bit more sense of urgency when crowds lined up to get money for food. business has come to a halt in much of the country. the pyramids and other tourists sites closed. that means hardship for a lot of egyptian. >> nobody walk. all camel, all horses stop. nobody shop now. >> the idle horses and camels were used for a short time last week when the government send in recruits to beat the protest ares in submission. >> they have compelling evidence that three uc berkley grads were
6:31 pm
u.s. spies. it comes after two of the grads appeared in an iranian courtroom, shane bauer and josh fattal pleaded not guilty. yesterday's session was closed door. no observers were allowed in or outside the courtroom. includes the swiss ambassador who represents the interest in iran. >> sarah shourd entered her plea in absence. she is back in the bay area. the three were hiking in northern iraq in july of 2009 when iranian forces took them in custody accusing them of crossing the border. nasa commander, mark kelley, has made his way back to the first seat of the "endeavor". here is jay gray with the story.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: commander, mark kelley, returned to training at johnson space center today. >> i feel very confident that i made the right decision for me, my crew members and for my family and wife. >> kelly had been on leaf for a month. gabrielle giffords was critically injured during an assassination attempt in tucson. >> things fell into place and she improved very fast. the decision became easier over time. i know what she would want and that makes the decision easier. >> giffords is on a rehab schedule. doctors according to doctors and her husband, who expects her to make a road trip in april. >> absolutely. i have every intention that she will be there for the launch. i have already talked to her doctors about it. so there should be -- there
6:33 pm
shouldn't be any reason she can't go to the launch. >> kelly moves back into the lead position for the last flight for "endeavor" and possibly the last launch for the shuttle program. lift off is scheduled for april 19th. jay gray, nbc news. a privately funded team hoping to win a multimillion-dollar race to the moon has signed a deal. astro robotic technology inc is hoping to take hope the google lunar prize. it offers a $20 million prize for the first time to lapd on the moon. yesterday, astro robotics technology signed a contract with private space flight firm, space ex to launch to the moon aboard a falcon 9. spaceex was created by elon musk, the ceo of tesla. a big change in store for
6:34 pm
thousands of california kids. we will tell you why and who will now be required to get the whooping cough vaccinations and why. i'm scott budman in the tivo screening room, you saw this and we will show you which commercials you rewatched most. after a record-setting heat, a few records today. not nearly as hot. san jose, 70, oakland, 72. temperatures going down into the low 40s. yes, we are talking about rain in my forecast. we will let you know when rain could return coming pickup p
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a common battle cry, protect our funding. the heads of california's community colleges, csus and ucs, came together to plead their case at the state capital. a temporary tax is about to expire. if it does, administrators warn
6:37 pm
tu accidents will have fewer teachers and fewer college opportunities unless voters step in. here is nbc's kevin riggs in sacramento. >> reporter: hundreds of students lined up competing for shrinking space, a scene repeated all across california, the reason why the leaders of the community college, the california state community and the university of california were at the capital chasing shrinking dollars and warning of more budget terminal. >> we think we have have to return 350,000 students. >> reporter: an enrollment cutoff for eligible students. leaders are gambling on a hail mary. governor brand plans to ask voters to extend temporary taxes. >> we are running out of options. uncertainly affects the state's k through 12 schools. shane silva says there is no way to know how many teachers will get pink slips.
6:38 pm
>> we are kind of working more than one budget. >> educators want capital republicans to drop their threat to drop a statewide vote. voters should decide. >> when their kids can't get in college and get turned away, i think that will be a pretty strong signal about paying for the future. >> kids, get ready to roll up your sleeves again. just when you thought you were done. starting this fall, students entering grades 7 through 12 have to prove that they received a whooping cough booster shot or they won't be allowed to start school. >> overall, there has been an increase in pertussis cases in california, the highest number in 63 years. whooping cough symptoms include an unrelenting, severe, raspy, competitive cough. >> imagine this, you have
6:39 pm
tickets to the super bowl. you get to your seat and promptly get booted out. the fire marshal says your seats are safe. it happened and now the nfl is scrambling to appeal those bitter fans. >> 400 people who were kicked out of their seats will be getting free tickets to next year's superintendent in indianapolis, courtesy of the nfl league office. >> they also got a refund two to three times the face value of the refunds. >> the temporary bleachers were under construction inside the stadium. those fans were told, well, when they arrived at their seats that they were unsafe. they were given free food and john field access, which might be pretty cool. they didn't have their seats. they were given some options to watch the games from auxiliary areas of the stadium. would you be totally ticked off or just a little? >> very ticked off. >> you get onfield access.
6:40 pm
>> they flew from pittsburgh and green bay and bought tickets. >> i'm mad. >> he leads the pack terers to victory. >> we watched his rise from his david couch. we show you his scene from his hometown of chico. >> it wasn't francis scott off key. we break down the lyrics. send it to jeff in the weather center. >> a lot of heat over this super bowl. >> record heat. it is clear looking towards san francisco. we will thisou this will last before some rain will be moving back in in just a minute.
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nbc bay area's business and tech reporter, scott budman went to the silicon valley company that has all the answers. >> reporter: this is what we watched the most on super bowl sunday. >> my back hurts. >> reporter: roseanne barr during a snickers ad. in fact, even month are than the
6:43 pm
game itself, we watched and rewatched xhergs aimed commerci aimed at our funny bone. we were into the tivo living room to talk about the super bowl and, yes, the halftime show did well but not as well as this pesky ad. >> the surprise this year was the buick commercial and the movie commercials that made it into the top ten. typically, we do see a bud lite ad or something breaking through. >> reporter: they asked thousands of customers to see what they rewound. they say it will probably get social network in the days following the super bowl. >> they do tend to line up with the ones people are talking about on facebook that has that buzz. >> yeah. they play the game. >> but what we really watch are
6:44 pm
the ads. in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> there were some good ones. i had some fwunun with a lot of those. >> i like the black-eyed peas. >> from what i saw, it was great. i was also outside for a good part of the day enjoying the heat. >> you are on, you are on. you were working? >> of course, working hard for you back at home. santa rosa, 83, oakland, 81, napa, 80, san jose, 77, temperatures 20 to 30 degrees above our average today. we did go down and still in record territory with a few records and overall this weekend, 24 record high temperatures.
6:45 pm
it hasn't been this long. my favorite shot at 6:15. it is an amazing sunset back here with no fog in sight. temperatures continuing to drop out here. 59, livermore. 60, san jose. tonight, we will see clear and cold temperatures. tomorrow, it is a tuesday. we are going to be looking at 40, 45 miles an hour. that is the word rain in my forecast. only six days of rain since january 1st. we are finally going to get this pattern to shift, not here at least for the next 48 hours. dry air is winning out across a lot in the pacific and california, high pressure still anchored. toech tomorrow, high pressure. it is going to help to drag down cooler air and help to increase that wind.
6:46 pm
temperatures are going to be going down into the 60s yet again for tuesday. we will be watching cold nights ahead as we head into wednesday and thursday. upper 30s and 40s and cleared by 11:00 a.m. that wind starts to kick up in the east bay hills and temperatures in the 40s. some of the coldest air will be in the north bay. 54, san jose. tomorrow, back to reality, close to where we should be for this time of year. >> low to mid-60s for a lot of the bay area. 63, livermore p upper 50s and low 60s into san francisco. 60 in beach. for the north bay, upper 30s and low 40s. we will rebound. let's get your seven-day forecast. nothing gets past the anchor team. i don't think this rain cloud will get past them either.
6:47 pm
tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, we will stay dry. it is going to stay sunny with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. by sunday, clouds increase. by monday, we have rain coming back into the forecast. it is going to be much, much welcomed. i saw a little bit of the super bowl. >> we are demanding your commitment in monitoring the sun. no one can match that. you are very honest, thank you. >> now, the exfinity sports desk. >> if it makes y'all feel better, i didn't watch the weather. time to party with the lombardi. the packers back in the land of cheese heads and the celebration at lambeau field is set for tomorrow. this isn't a parade. it is the packers arriving home to thousands of fans today, flooding the parking lot at lambeau field today so they could offer up a heroes welcome. it is the first green bay super bowl victory since 1997. the game bringing out tons of
6:48 pm
heavy hitters in texas yesterday. smith, "w," former niner, gene washington and the other a-rod being hand fed by cameron diaz. yum. you will remember, there is something about mary, she was linked to brett favre. aaron rodgers now joining favre with the same number of super bowl victories. that's one. a fantastic effort, over 300 yards passing, three touchdown passes, two of them to greg jennings. no interceptions. he grew up idleizing joe montana. the only pressure with 300 yards and touchdowns and no interceptions. green bay winning its fourth super bowl. the only teams with more are the 49ers, cowboys and steelers. we loved the darren rogers story and we know the journey.
6:49 pm
a junior college france fer who found his way to berkley. now, he is the toast of the football world. enjoying his day as the guest of honor at disney world. think back to what brought him to this day. he helped invigorate the golden bears and was passed over 20 teams and is hanging to the draft. rodgers patiently waited and now is rewarded as the world champ and the super bowl mvp who got to go to disney world. >> this is like no other, special for me, just being a kid and going to disneyland and california, knowing how much fun that was to see so many packer fans out here and just to be able to share in the celebration with him. >> i thought aaron rodgers played like aaron rodgers, that's why he is the mvp.
6:50 pm
>> this was the scene when aaron rodgers hometown, his parents in texas for the game. some of his friends and former coaches got together to cheer on the first packers super bowl mvp since bart star. >> that was very exciting. a lot of these coaches are here, strength conditions coaches are here and families here. it was exciting to see that. i am very proud of them. >> emotional roller coaster. this game was up and down. i feel like i ran a marathon. my heart is all pumping. i'm all excited. amazing, amazing. >> great scene in chico. the talk of the nation, not just aaron rodgers and the game but the national anthem that went awry.
6:51 pm
♪ ♪ what so proudly we watched as the twilight as last gleaming ♪ >> christina aguilera missing over the ramparts we watched and adding in gleaming. she said she got lost in the moment. an honest mistake. can you blame her? she was very sorry. she released a statement saying, i'm sorry, i love america. when she was 11, she sang the national anthem at a pittsburgh game. it was the pings and the chicago blackhawks. sh was li this was like 19 years ago. >> they fought for comprehensive coverage of every bay area team. sports net central and comcast is the place to turn every night. a full coverage of just teams you care about. 10:30 on comcast sports net bay
6:52 pm
area. she did. >> make sure you look at every word carefully. >> she was in the mickey mouse club. >> so this goes back to that. >> i do. >> jessica's dedication was 100%. >> i watched it as a mingled. >> i don't have wings. >> when we come back, a move tu time-honored way to stay home. continue. re
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tonight at 11:00, playing in the sandbox is a childhood right of passage but could become a thing of the past over concerns about a potential health risk inside. the red wood city parks and rec department spent two years and more than $50,000 trying to figure out why there were such high levels of e. coli at stanford and maddox parks on the peninsula that got us thinking how much e-coli is in the sand and other parts around the bay area and how much is too much. we collected sand from five different parts and sent samples from an independent lab. we will show you our surprising results tonight at 11:00 after harry's law. our record warm temperatures. a new poll says it is kind of
6:56 pm
hot in places where the temperatures are dipping below freezing. they say most prefer snuggling to snuggying. 75% find it depressing. 15% elevate their moods by having more sex than usual when it is cold. 66% say the weatherman has no effect on their intimate habits. >> the underground poll was conducted the last week of january after another snowstorm clobbered the northeast. >> where do we get these? one of the most popular super bowl commercials, a pint size darth vader. today, he was unmasked on the "today" show. >> let's see who you are. he beat out hundreds of other young actors for that volkswagen
6:57 pm
commercial. >> he is also a cast member on daytime tv's the young and restless. his family thrilled not just with his ambition but with his health. when he was just three months old, he was fitted with a pace maker. not surprisingly. he is only six years old. he has never seen the movie, star wars. >> you had never seen star wars, so you didn't know much about darth vader. you went to the internet and saw a picture of him. is that what happened? >> sort of. >> darth vader, that deep voice. they said when they filmed the ad, they had no idea it would air during the super bowl. >> did you recognize him, jeff? >> he watched clips of the super bowl. >> we will see you tonight at 11:00. good-bye. rs
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